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BALL IN THE 6 2K Tournament Rules

BALL IN THE 6 NBA 2k – Toronto

  • Console: PS4
  • 2 Game elimination
  • Level: Hall of Fame
  • Game Style: 2k view
  • Quarter Length: 5 Minutes

 Teams: Any Current 2017-2018 NBA Team.

Every player must select 2 teams that they prefer to use (Primary team & secondary team). If you end up playing someone with the same main team and you don’t want to use your 2nd team then you settle it with rock, paper, scissors (best out of 3)

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Everyone will be guaranteed 3 games unless you lose 2 games back to back then your eliminated.

There will be 32 players in the pool, the winner will win a $1000 Ballinthe6 prize pack, 2nd place will win $500 Ballinthe6 prize pack and the 3rd place player will win a $250 gift-card for Ballinthe6. All participants will receive $20 gift-card for Ballinthe6.

Bracket Style Tournament

The 1st round the player that scores the most team points in the game will be the #1 seed going forward ( the #1 gets a bye in the 3rd round match-up if they win their 2nd game if not the winner gets the bye instead.) The #1 seed will be determined by the most points scored in your last game (1st round)

Losers of the 1st game you will wait until the winners finish playing in the 2nd round and then the losers bracket will play each other, whoever loses from that game will be eliminated, the winners survive another round seating going forward will be made going by the most points scored in your last game.

The winners’ bracket will start the 3rd round after the losers play each other, with the losers from that winners’ bracket going to the losers’ bracket to play in the losers’ bracket 3rd round match-ups.

After the winners 3rd round is done, the losers 2nd round will start, but 1st the player that allowed the fewest points scored in the 1st round of the loser’s bracket will get a bye back to the winning bracket BUT will be the underdog to the # 1 seed in 4th round of the winners bracket. the winners that played in the 2nd round of the losers bracket will play against the losers that came over from the winners’ bracket in the 3rd round right after the 2nd is done.

The 4th round of the winner’s bracket will now start with the losers either being eliminated or going to the losers bracket

The 4th round of the losers bracket will start with the winner facing the loser(s) that will come over from the winners bracket (could be 2 instead of 1 if there’s 2, most points scored between the 2 in their last game will decide who plays the winner of the losers bracket 4th round matchup 1st) and the winner of that matchup then plays right after with the other loser, only if 2 losers end up coming back from the winners 4th round match-up….hope you guys are still with me!

The 5th round will start from the winners’ bracket with the winner playing the remaining player from the losers’ bracket for the Championship!
Cash Prizes
– Case prizes are based on total registration on the date of the competition. The prize will equate to 60% of the total pot which is determined by player registration.